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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to pay a shipping fee? - For the safety of our schools and students, we are offering direct shipping so that your orders are in fewer hands than need be. Also, your images get to you sooner when sent directly to your home. If you have any concerns regarding shipping, feel free to contact us and we will be glad to service you.


Can I place an order for Pickup? - Yes! If you are placing an order with us but would prefer to pick up instead of having your items shipped, please give our office a call and we can help arrange for your pickup order. Depending on the products ordered, some shipping fees may still apply.

How will I be notified once my order is ready for Pickup? - Once your order has been printed and packaged, we’ll notify you via text update when your order is awaiting pickup at our studio.

I want to order past school year photos, how can I do that? - We'd love to help! The best way is to contact us via email or phone call so we can find the images and send you the gallery to order from. There is no guarantee that we will find all the images you are looking for. 

How do I order my high schooler's sports photos? - We offer a different gallery option for our High School sports. Codes are given out to coaches and/or Athletic Directors, but if you ever need access to your students’ gallery feel free to contact us. The gallery page for these sport galleries is: 

I want to order specialty items for my Senior, how can I do that? – Excellent! We have our Senior Shop on our website,, where you can purchase a variety of products such as albums, tassel frames, and other amazing items.

I ordered a Class Photo but didn’t receive it with my individual images, when will I receive it? – Class Photos are usually completed after the Holidays. Our team will then process all the orders that were purchased beforehand and send those orders out on first priority. If you have placed an order after the Holidays and you still have not received your class photo, please contact us and we will be glad to service you. 

I only received part of my order, what can I do? – LET US KNOW! We want to make sure you are receiving all the items that you have ordered. If, for any reason, you have not received something please give us a call or send us an email and we will investigate it. Be sure to let us know the Student, School, Type of Photo, Order Number (if applicable) and any other information you have so we can track down your order more efficiently.

When is Picture day? - Please contact your school for your student’s Picture day. They will have the most information regarding procedures, dress code, etc for that day. 

My student didn’t take a picture, are there Retakes? – We offer retakes for most of our photo sessions. The best way to know if when and if we are offering Retake Photo Days would be to call us at the office, or send an email, and let us know what photo shoot you are wanting to Retake.

I ordered a Digital Download, but after downloading the image I realized it was the wrong picture that I wanted to order, can I get a refund? – Unfortunately, no. There are no refunds once the images are downloaded.

I just ordered a Digital Download, but I don’t see a way to download my image yet. What should I do? – After purchasing a digital download, a link will be sent to the provided email address within 24 hours. If you don’t receive your download link within 24 hours, provided a wrong email address, or need access to a digital download immediately after purchasing, please give our office a call and we’d love to help.

I ordered a Specialty Item for my Senior, but I made a mistake and chose the wrong image(s), can I get a refund? – Unfortunately, no. Once the proof is sent out and approved for printing, we cannot issue a refund. Our artists take their time and effort to make a special item just for you.

I ordered an Item for my Senior and there is a typo in the Senior quote, can I get a refund? – Unfortunately, no. Since Senior quotes are selected and typed by our customers, we are not responsible for any misspellings or grammatical errors. We can process an exchange for a new item with a corrected Senior Quote as a studio pickup.

Don't see an answer? Please Contact Us.

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